Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Website Health Check

With regard to your website, how many of these suggested good practices can you tick

Is your website organised into 5-8 main pages?

Have you tried not to rely heavily on images, with little accompanying text, which could cause problems for search engines such as Google?

Have you tried to avoid large images which are slow to load?

Have you avoided using frames, which can be difficult for search engines to follow?

If your website uses dynamically generated webpages which are created ‘on the fly’ such as Forums and Online stores, and can cause problems for search engines, have you considered using the ‘robots’ file to control which pages search engines visit?

Do you have a memorable URL (web address)?

If you have an intro page that uses Flash or Shockwave files, do you offer a non-flash version for older systems to access? Have you considered if your welcome page is needed?

Is your website written in valid HTML code? You can check this at:

Have you checked that you have meaningful page titles for each page? (the title is what appears at the top of your web browser)

Have you reviewed the navigation structure of your website and checked for any stray webpages that are hard to navigate to?

Have you considered having a sitemap on your home page?

Where possible, have you used filenames and directory names that are keywords?

Do you need to research new keywords, for example using a tool such as:

Does your website use meta tags containing concise and precise information?

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